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Flexible Lining Products UK distributors of Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Rubber and Firestone EPDM pond liner and lake liners, Polyfelt pond underlay matting and tailored box welded liners. Our agricultural & landscaping products include Greenseal EPDM water tank liners and Tencate Toptex compost cover and wood covers, Terram Grassprotecta grass protection mesh, Turfprotecta turf mesh and Bodpave 40 and Bodpave 85 gravel and grass porous pavers. Stockists of Terram 1000, tree root barrier, geocell and weed control  fabrics.Our Flexible Roofing Products range include Nophadrain Green Roof materials and EPDM Rubber Roofing membranes including Classicbond EPDM and Firestone Rubber Cover.

New Products

  • Bodpave | Terram Paver | Gravel Parking Grid

    Gravel Paver | Bodpave 40 | Plastic Paving Grid 500mm x 500mm x 40mm BLACK

    Terram Bodpave® 40 black porous pavers for grass or gravel. Grass pavers for reinforcement of overflow car parks. Permeable pavers can be filled with gravel for car parks and driveways when gravel retention is required as well as a stabilised free draining surface. ◾Load bearing capability - 150 tonnes per m² ◾Resists deformation and fracture ◾Ideal for emergency vehicle access routes, car parks, cycles routes,golf buggy paths, wheelchair access and light aircraft parking ◾Manufactured from recycled polyethylene, UV stabilised ◾Available in black or green ◾Paver Size : 500 x 500 x 40mm DISCOUNT AVAILABLE ON BULK ORDERS  
  • Terram Turfprotecta Grass Reinforcement

    Turfprotecta 2.0m x 30.0m Heavy Duty 660gsm BLACK

    Terram Turfprotecta® turf reinforcement mesh for grass reinforcement. Overflow grass car parks, parking on front lawn. Colour : BLACK Heavy Duty Grade 660gsm Roll Size : 2mx30m Mesh Aperture: 22mm x 27mm
  • Toptex Log Cover | Compost Storage Cover

    Toptex Log Store Cover and Wood Store Cover

    Application; Wood Chip / Firewood Covers TopTex™ protection fabrics perfectly sheds water and is breathable. In order to gain an optimum energy yield from wood chips, its moisture content must be limited to a minimum. Benefits: •TopTex™ sheds rain water along its surface, the wood chip remains dry.* •TopTex™ is a breathable fabric, so the wood chip dries off. Moist air created by the warming-up of the chip pile can easily penetrate through the fabric. •This makes a storage outside possible. The construction of expensive halls or roofs are no longer necessary. Additionally, in the case of wind TopTex™ protects neighbouring properties - the development of dust is significantly reduced! * Extreme and unusual rainfall however, can result in a partial moistening of the wood chip. FLP Toptex™ is a gas-permeable fleece composed of 100% endless polypropylene filaments. Its unique properties automatically are adjusted to the requirements of each individual application in the field of agriculture or horticulture Other Toptex™ applications include Sugar beet covers; Potato covers; Straw covers; Compost covers; Frost protection covers Skip Bin Cover Outdoor machinery cover Unlike impermeable tarpaulins which can lead to covered material rotting over time, Toptex is not only a breathable material but also keeps the rain out thus making ideal storage conditions for log and woodchip storage..
  • Green Roof Growing Medium Panel

    Green Roof Growing Medium Substrate Panel 120cm x 60cm x 5cm x 6 Panels = 4.32sqm

    Water absorbing mineral wool panels as a substrate substitute in accordance with the FLL* Directive. The panels replace the substrate as growing medium in the Nophadrain Lightweight Green Roof System. By using these panels in combination with vegetation mats, the weight of the build-up for an extensive green roof can be reduced to approx. 50kg/m2 Panel Size: 120cm x 60cm x 5cm deep Pack Qty: 6 panels Coverage: 4.32sqm Application Extensive Green Roof System – multi-layer lightweight build-up Extensive Green Roof System – pitched roofs Extensive Green Roof System – steep roofs Technical specifications Material: hydrophilic mineral wool Density: approx. 80kg/m3 Water retention capacity: approx. 30l/m2 = 80Vol.% Air volume: approx. 16% pH-value: approx. 7-8 Weight: approx. 4kg/m2, saturated approx. 34kg/m2
  • Aquatic Wall Planters

    Aquatic Wall Planters

    FLP Vertical Geotextile Planters FLP Geotextile Plant Planter Pockets are an ideal solution for vertical applications on - pond walls - tailored liner installations - gabion baskets - general landscaping applications Dimension: 60 x 121 cm Filling space: 17 x 40 cm per bag 6 planter pockets per sack Material: 100% PP Weight : 200 g/m² Color: green Seam: flat with UV-resistant polyester yarn 17cm flange from the top of the planter Pre-drilled holes x 6 on top of flange for securing purposes
  • Greenseal EPDM Water Tank & Irrigation Tank Liners

    Greenseal EPDM Water Tank & Irrigation Tank Liners

    Flexible Lining Products offer a range of tank lining materials including our standard Greenseal EPDM rubber liners and also a reinforced scrim (collar) which includes steel eyelets to the top circumference of the tank liner to co-inside with the bolt pitch of individual tank manufacturers tank panels. This vastly improved the installation and security of the hanging liner - the tank lining industry’s standard method of circular tank liner installation. Flexible Lining Products also offer a full one piece stitched geotextile matting bag to protect the rubber tank liner from extreme heat and cold temperatures radiated through the tank panel sheets and to protect the liner during tank installation and to cushion the liner from floating ice damage. We are able to offer liners for the following types of tanks: • Aluminum / Galvanized cylindrical bolted panel irrigation / sprinkler and potable water storage tanks. • Elevated rectangular sectional GRP/pressed steel tanks. • Shaped concrete above and below ground basement tanks. • WRC approved drinking water tanks.
  • FLP Green Roof Sedum Mat

    Green Roof Sedum Mat

    FLP Sedum Mat (delivered as 1.0m x 1.0m pre-established mats) FLP sedum blankets are pre-established sedum mats grown locally in the Gloucestershire countryside, we use custom built machinery together with advanced irrigation and fertilisation systems to grow the best quality sedum mat possible. We only sell our own grown products and do not buy in so product quality is guaranteed. Unlike other growers, we have 15 different varieties in our blankets although weather dependent / growing season some are more prominent. Our specialist sedum blanket variety mix consists of the majority or all of the varieties listed below Sedum Acre Sedum Aizoon Sedum Album Sedum Ellacombianum Sedum Floriferum Sedum Hispanicum Sedum Hybridum Czar's Gold Sedum Montanum Sedum Oktoberfest Sedum Oreganum Sedum Pulchellum Sedum Sexangulare Sedum Rupestre Sedum Spurium Sedum Telephium Fabaria Sedum Stoloniferum Please contact us for a delivered price quotation to your postcode.
  • Terram Groundsure Build Pack 4.50m x 11.1m

    Terram Groundsure Build Pack 4.50m x 11.1m

    Ground stabilisation using Terram Build A or Terram GroundSure is one of the toughest and most durable non-woven geotextile fabrics, designed to separate and stabilise construction layers while allowing water through. It is unaffected by cement, lime, and alkaline soils making it ideal for use as a stabilisation and weed control material under driveways, access roads, patios, decked areas and paths. From 1st October 2008 new planning rules apply for householders wanting to lay paving in their front gardens. Planning permission is now required for any impermeable surface exceeding 5m2 in a front garden. Using a permeable landscape geotextile fabric such as Terram Build A or Terram GroundSure, in conjunction with a permeable paving solution such as gravel, permeable concrete block paving or porous asphalt, planning permission will not be required.
  • Terram 1BZ Drainage Composite

    Terram 1BZ Drainage Geocomposite 2.0m x 25.0m

    Terram 1BZ combines an impermeable membrane, drainage net and filter geotextile which together form a drainage layer with added waterproofing function. TERRAM1BZ’s impermeable LDPE component prevents a build-up of hydrostatic pressure, whilst the high flow rate and filtration provided by the geotextile filter and the polymer core ensures that the water drains away rapidly, maintaining soil stability and alleviating hydrostatic pressure The benefits of using Terram composite drains include: • high-volume flow paths for liquids and gases • lightweight and easy to handle • quick and easy to install • cost-effective replacement for primary natural resources • manufactured in the UK to high standards using state-of-the-art lines • reduced environmental impact by avoiding the use of natural-occurring minerals • lower haulage costs, lower material costs and lower installation costs Typical Applications • Highways: vertical edge-of-carriageway drains intercept the lateral flow of ground water. Modern fin drains reduce excavation, reduce backfill quantities and reduce installation time. In-slope drainage increases geotechnical stability. • Retaining walls and bridge abutments: to reduce pore water pressure and avoid backfill saturation. • Engineered landfills: with the additional requirement of long-term chemical resistance and high compressive strength. • Tunnels: ground-water-seepage interception between rock face and the tunnel lining. • Buried structures: vertical and horizontal drains for basements, culverts, car parks, reservoirs, etc. • Roof gardens: this growing application requires lightweight components capable of high in-plane flow, good resistance to creep and high flow rates
  • Greenseal EPDM | Sealeco EPDM | Pond Liner | Rubber Pond Liner

    Sealeco Greenseal EPDM 0.75mm Pond Liner

    Sealeco Greenseal EPDM Pond & Lake Liners for garden ponds,pond liner,box weld,tailored liners,water tanks,reservoirs,ornamental and wildlife ponds. Greenseal Rubber flexible pond liners manufactured by Sealeco,Sweden Greenseal Rubber EPDM has superior properties to Butyl and cheaper, making it both an attractive and economical solution. Greenseal Rubber unique elasticity makes this rubber membrane an ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes and water tanks . Greenseal Rubber is not affected by UV light, temperature or age. Greenseal Rubber is totally inert / chemically stable when coming into contact with chemicals in the soil and other materials. Greenseal Rubber material is slightly embossed or textured in appearance similar to Butyl. Features & Benefits: Higher UV stability, temperature or age Greater tolerance to weather extremes Resists compressive loads and ground movement Unique ability to adapt itself to the substrate Does not contain any plasticisers or additives No leaching • Does not shrink, lose weight or become brittle 100% Animal and plant friendly Tear strength and tensile strength greater than Butyl - exceeds Butyl Rubber in over 60% of physical properties tested Looks and feels the same as Butyl Rubber - can be vulcanised in the same process as Butyl Lifetime guarantee (equating to a maximum of 25years under UK Commercial Law) Greenseal Rubber applications include, ornamental ponds, lakes, reservoirs, swimming ponds, effluent lagoons, reed bed systems, agricultural applications,irrigation, canal refurbishment lining, tank lining,potable water storage, fish farming and fire-fighting reservoirs In February 2003 Flexible Lining Products Limited created it's brand Greenseal (Sealeco EPDM) and introduced it into the UK market - it has now widely available as Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Rubber for Pond Liner and Lake Liner applications into the UK market which is now accepted as the preferred superior alternative to Butyl Rubber.
  • Toptex | Tencate Toptex | Toptex Fleece | Compost Cover

    Toptex Compost Cover

    Controlled humus building through composting of organic waste. Composting is the conversion of organic waste into high quality humus. Through systematic controls these materials can be returned to the earth, completing the cycle of nature and improving the soil to which it is applied. To achieve this goal, strict guidelines and controls must be followed. This includes the proper selection of the feedstock, regular turning of the piles for aeration and proper guidance of the decomposition process. Therefore, several parameters such as temperature, oxygen level, CO² levels, Ph value, sulphide, nitrite and ammonium must be continuously monitored and if necessary adjusted. Due to it’s physical characteristics, Toptex Compost Protection Fleece is an important tool for optimal composting ! BENEFITS Toptex Compost Protection Fleece covers are an important tool for optimal composting for the perfect composition of valuable compost. Toptex maintains optimal moisture conditions. Toptex compost covers divert rainfall away from the surface and protects from drying by sun and wind. Toptex ensures proper aerobic decomposition. Toptex compost covers allows necessary gas exchange and ensures more optimal temperatures throughout the outer layers of the piles. Toptex minimizes leachate and nutrient losses. Toptex compost covers diverts rainfall away from the windrows and therefore minimizes the incidence of leachate Toptex reduces odour emission. Toptex compost covers support optimum an-aerobe decomposition process,thereby reducing odour emission to a minimum.   

Feature Products

Featured Products

Toptex Log Store Cover and Wood Store Cover Toptex Compost Cover

Toptex Compost Cover

£1.70 nett
Sealeco Greenseal EPDM 1.00mm Pond Liner