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Benefits of Ponds

Benefits of Ponds

Ponds are a lovely feature that can help improve a landscape drastically, not only aesthetically but also environmentally.

Both man-made and natural ponds offer extensive benefits to land and home owners, however it is important to remember that regular maintenance is required to ensure that the pond continues to look good and carry out its environmental job.

One of the key benefits that ponds offer is the calming and relaxing effects they can have on people spending time around them.It is a known fact that nature can help alleviate stress and clear the mind, and ponds are no different with the sights and sounds of fresh water helping you focus and forget your stresses temporarily.

Having a pond on your land can also boost biodiversity in that area, with ponds acting as a natural habitat to a wide variety of animals and insects.Ranging from frogs to wild birds, many animals benefit from ponds as they are a regular source of water and food, and an area for the animals to stay and rest.

In addition, a pond is also useful for keeping pest numbers down.Frogs will feed on slugs and bats will eat mosquitoes and other flying insects.If the pond has a shallow area, it will act as a water source for small mammals such as hedgehogs, which also eat slugs and other pests.

In many cases, having a pond in your garden can actually increase the value of the property due to buyers looking for that something different, especially if they are more inclined towards preserving the environment.

Ponds play an important role when it comes to water conservation, as they can almost act as large natural holding tanks for rain water and run-off.This feature of ponds can become more useful if there is a draught in your area, as the water conserved can be utilized for other purposes until the regular supply returns.

FLP provides a wide array of pond related products that can help you not only build and develop a pond, but also maintain it to ensure it remains fully functional and beneficial to you.We can offer advice on the most appropriate products for you and the sizes you will need.

Click the link below and browse the products on the website to see which products would be most effective for your pond related needs: