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Choosing the right Pond Liner

Choosing the right Pond Liner

With ponds offering multiple benefits such as a boost to biodiversity, positive environmental impacts and positive mental health impacts, they are something we think you should definitely consider installing in your garden.

It can be difficult choosing the right pond liner for your project, especially if you don’t install many ponds and you’re unsure of the benefits that the varying types of pond liner offer.

The two main types of pond liner are PVC and rubber pond liners such as Epalyn (EPDM) and Butyl.These two different types of pond liner can be used effectively in different circumstances, with PVC pond liners more suited for smaller projects such as a garden pond.EPDM and Butyl pond liners are recommended for larger projects such as natural swimming pools, lakes or reservoirs.

At FLP we provide an extensive range of pond liners for all sized projects, with the pond liners available in a variety of thicknesses to ensure we have the perfect solution for your particular project.

Rubber pond liners are known for their flexibility and longevity as they last several years before they need to be changed.This flexibility comes about due to the ease of being able to mould Epalyn and Butyl into any desired shape using the correct tools, which is why rubber pond liners are so popular for a wide range of project types and sizes.

For smaller projects such as garden or ornamental ponds, we would recommend our range of PVC pond liners.These products are also flexible and tough like the rubber pond liners, and are also puncture resistant so you don’t need to worry about claw damage if you are planning to have wildlife in your pond.

These pond liners are also highly UV resistant, so they can be exposed to long periods of sunshine without the worry of them being damaged.

Lining a pond correctly is vital to its long-term success, so be sure to contact our team on 01423 369729 to discuss the best course of action for you, or browse our range of products by following the tabs above.