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  1. Greenseal EPDM Water Tank & Irrigation Tank Liners

    Greenseal EPDM Water Tank & Irrigation Tank Liners


    Water Tank Liner and Irrgiation Tank Liner

    Flexible Lining Products offer a range of tank lining materials including our standard Greenseal EPDM rubber liners and also a reinforced scrim (collar) which includes steel eyelets to the top circumference of the tank liner to co-inside with the bolt pitch of individual tank manufacturers tank panels. This vastly improved the installation and security of the hanging liner - the tank lining industry’s standard method of circular tank liner installation.

    Flexible Lining Products also offer a full one piece stitched geotextile matting bag to protect the rubber tank liner from extreme heat and cold temperatures radiated through the tank panel sheets and to protect the liner during tank installation and to cushion the liner from floating ice damage. We are able to offer liners for the following types of tanks:

    • Aluminum / Galvanized cylindrical bolted panel irrigation / sprinkler and potable water storage tanks.

    • Elevated rectangular sectional GRP/pressed steel tanks.

    • Shaped concrete above and below ground basement tanks.

    • WRC approved drinking water tanks.

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  2. Toptex Log Cover | Compost Storage Cover

    Toptex Log Store Cover and Wood Store Cover


    Application; Wood Chip / Firewood Covers TopTex™ protection fabrics perfectly sheds water and is breathable. In order to gain an optimum energy yield from wood chips, its moisture content must be limited to a minimum. Benefits: •TopTex™ sheds rain water along its surface, the wood chip remains dry.* •TopTex™ is a breathable fabric, so the wood chip dries off. Moist air created by the warming-up of the chip pile can easily penetrate through the fabric. •This makes a storage outside possible. The construction of expensive halls or roofs are no longer necessary. Additionally, in the case of wind TopTex™ protects neighbouring properties - the development of dust is significantly reduced! * Extreme and unusual rainfall however, can result in a partial moistening of the wood chip. FLP Toptex™ is a gas-permeable fleece composed of 100% endless polypropylene filaments. Its unique properties automatically are adjusted to the requirements of each individual application in the field of agriculture or horticulture Other Toptex™ applications include Sugar beet covers; Potato covers; Straw covers; Compost covers; Frost protection covers Skip Bin Cover Outdoor machinery cover Unlike impermeable tarpaulins which can lead to covered material rotting over time, Toptex is not only a breathable material but also keeps the rain out thus making ideal storage conditions for log and woodchip storage.. Learn More

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