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Terram Gravelsure EroCell 22/20 3.0m x 6.0m

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FLP Erocell 22/20, is used for the
protection of tree roots as outlined
in BS5837. It has a cell diameter of
220mm and a depth of 200mm, the
expanded panel size is 3m x 6m
Terram Gravelsure EroCell 22/20 3.0m x 6.0m

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View File Terram Erocell Installation Guidelines
Please see Terram Gravelsure EROCELL data sheet for the product dimensions.Installation(a) Planning of InstallationIt is advised that adequate planning and ‘design’ of the installation is undertaken before commencement of site work. Each site is unique and particular precautions for ensuring a successful installation may differ from site to site.

When planning installation, attention should be given to ensuring that all equipment and tools required for installation are available. In addition, sufficient personnel (with the necessary skills) should be employed on the installation work. Adequate precautions should also be taken to ensure the safety of personnel. Some of the other matters to consider when planning installation include:

• Desired shapes and sizes of the cells

• Methods for compacting the slope surface (during surface preparation)

• Methods for fixing FLP EROCELL to the installation surface

• Anchoring details, to prevent excessive down-slope movement of FLP EROCELL

• Methods for filling the cells

• Methods for compacting the in-fill material into the cells, if required.

This list is by no means exhaustive and the designer should include all other necessary considerations. If planned correctly, the installation of FLP EROCELL should be a trouble-free experience.(b) Site Preparation Geocells perform better when installed on even,well-prepared surfaces. Prior to installing FLP EROCELL, it is advised that the slope surface is made level and even. Any sharp objects and stones that are much larger than (or significantly different in shape and angularity from) the intended fill material (i.e material to be placed in the cells) should be removed. If necessary, to achieve a level surface, compaction of the slope surface should be undertaken. If required, a suitable geotextile may be used as a separator between the geocell and the slope surface.If using tarmacadam a secondary layer of geotextile with a covering of i.e.crushed brich would be required in order to protect the Erocell cells.
SKU 150WW4021B
g/sm No
Size No
Width 3.00m
Color Grey
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