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Flexible Lining Products Limited are a Gloucestershire based company operating throughout the UK and worldwide either direct or using one of our recognised trained installers - we offer cost effective solutions for the home owner, architects, voluntary organisations, local government, housing associations and commercial cusomers to fruition.

We are highly experienced in all aspects of project management and the specification of materials for hard and soft landscaping projects. We have earned and continue to retain a much deserved reputation for quality and service on all our clients' contracts. We are an organisation with a pro-active approach to the delivery of quality schemes for all clients ranging in value, complexity and application.

We have increased our range significantly over the past few years enabling us to offer an unrivalled selection of materials and engineered solutions for a variety of applications including Weed Control, Erosion Prevention, Ground Stabilisation,Slope Reinforcement, Root Protection Barriers, Pavement,Drainage,Landscaping and Pond Lining.

We are able to offer our customers a consistent and highly specialised service, credible knowledge base, expert technical support and design information to ensure an economical quality solution to any project or application.If required we can provide a project management, full or part installation service through one of our approved installers

Flexible Lining Products Limited recognises a need to act in an environmentally conscious manner,and are committed to the personal and social benefits that plant,wildlife and aquatic habitats bring to both private and public spaces. In association with stategic partnerships, FLP's goal is to share our passion combined with long-term environmental development strategies, encouraging the creation of these valuable assets, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone to be enjoyed and appreciated now, and for generations to come