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Green Roof Accessories

  1. Pond Liner Underlay Polyfelt TS60 260gsm

    Pond Liner Underlay Polyfelt TS60 260gsm


    Polyfelt TS60 260gsm Premium Quality Protective Geotextile. A mechanically bonded non-woven (premium geotextile) made of UV stabilised polypropylene filament.Polyfelt geotextiles are an exceptional high performance and flexible protective barrier applied in all types of commercial and domestic pond liner applications including - Pond liner and lake liner protective matting or fleece - EPDM rubber roofing protection - Ground stabilisation - Drainage Layer Learn More
  2. Green Roof Filtration Geotextile 4.50m x 11.1m (110gsm)

    Green Roof Filtration Geotextile 4.50m x 11.1m (110gsm)


    FLP Green Roof Filtration Geotexile is a tough synthetic nonwoven fabric produced from polyethylene/polypropylene filaments – durable, permeable and ideal for many construction applicationscan be used between the substrate mix and the water retention layer on a green roof. This material can also be used in a protective application on top of i.e. epdm rubber membrane before any materials are placed directly on top of the EPDM which could cause potential damage. Learn More
  3. FLP Green Roof Sedum Mat

    Green Roof Sedum Mat


    FLP Sedum Mat (delivered as 1.0m x 1.0m pre-established mats) FLP sedum blankets are pre-established sedum mats grown locally in the Gloucestershire countryside, we use custom built machinery together with advanced irrigation and fertilisation systems to grow the best quality sedum mat possible. We only sell our own grown products and do not buy in so product quality is guaranteed. Unlike other growers, we have 15 different varieties in our blankets although weather dependent / growing season some are more prominent. Our specialist sedum blanket variety mix consists of the majority or all of the varieties listed below Sedum Acre Sedum Aizoon Sedum Album Sedum Ellacombianum Sedum Floriferum Sedum Hispanicum Sedum Hybridum Czar's Gold Sedum Montanum Sedum Oktoberfest Sedum Oreganum Sedum Pulchellum Sedum Sexangulare Sedum Rupestre Sedum Spurium Sedum Telephium Fabaria Sedum Stoloniferum Please contact us for a delivered price quotation to your postcode. Learn More

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