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Our Name,Our Brand

Our Name,Our Brand

Flexible Lining Products Limited company was established in 2003, at the same time we created the name Greenseal for our Trelleborg ,Swedish pond liners and introduced it into the UK market . Over the next few years we literally spent tens of thousands of pounds, investing in advertising, promotions and basically growing our brand, Greenseal into the UK market and to our delight is now widely accepted as a preferred & superior alternative to Butyl Rubber material for pond and lake lining applications.

A prominent Bedford based UK company (that FLP were trading with at the time) unbelievable arrogance deemed it necessary to knowingly trademark our name Greenseal as their own - for what one can only assume for no other reason, but to benefit directly from our efforts ,investment & time spent promoting our material - rather than be original, use their own funds and create a brand of their own.

It would be good business practise if this Bedford based company in question assign the trademark "Greenseal" to it's rightful owner,Flexible Lining Products or propose to purchase our brandname(s) respectively. It goes without saying that FLP ceased to trade with this Bedford based company immediately on pure ethical grounds.....

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Upon discovery of our name trademarked by this Bedford company, FLP notified the manufacturer Trelleborg,Sweden and through legal council / direct correspondence, we have an agreement, allowing us to unbelievably having to trademark OUR very own material "Greenseal" to Greenseal Rubber. FLP are bound by the terms of this agreement not to reveal it's contents"

We obviously had no reason to suspect that our own material / name was under threat of being trade marked by our own supplier, that until then, FLP had enjoyed a very healthy, open and honest and ethical trading relationship, hence we are still very angry and deeply dissapointed by these events and as such will use every opportunity within the market place to use our experience, as an example to hopefully help other small business against similar potential threats,unethical and unsavoury practices

Flexible Lining Products will continue to protect our interest and highlight that Greenseal / Greenseal Rubber / Greenseal EPDM is and always will be the material introduced into the UK by Flexible Lining Products irrespective of whatever name preceeds the word "Greenseal" under the guise of a company "rebrand" or indeed if this company decides not to use the word "Greenseal" at all

We highly recommend in order to protect your name,business and or long term interest you need to register your brand name / trade mark - thereby stopping highly unethical and arrogant persons or companies benefiting directly from your long term investment and hard work.

Intellectual property (IP) plays a vital role in the modern business environment. Whether it be protecting and realising the value of your inventions, proprietary technology, brands or original designs, getting the right advice is key. You may also need to avoid conflict with others’ intellectual property rights, and whatever the situation Wynne-Jones, Lainé & James have extensive in-house technical and legal expertise to assist you.

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