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Greenseal Installation Guide

Greenseal Installation Guide

Greenseal Rubber Installation Guidelines

The following instructions are to be used only as a basic guideline and reference purposes, please contact our offices direct for additional information.

- Larger liners are securely wrapped and delivered in a protective geotextile & palletized. Ensure that no damage is caused to the liner when cutting any straps or unwrapping the protective covering.

- For example purposes If the pond is i.e. 30.0m x 20.0m. (imagine a football pitch) . Firstly, place the liner on the OUTSIDE of the pond in the CENTRE of the goalmouth.

- Unroll the liner along it’s entire length (in this case 30.0m) to the CENTRE of the opposite goalmouth. (The membrane roll will be marked with an arrow which way to unroll)

- When fabrication takes place, FLP concertina the liner along it’s length (similar to a Chinese fan). Pull the liner out from the CENTRE (in this case 10.0m) on either side to create the full width.

NOTE:Before attempting to pull the liner out width wise – flap the sheet / membrane vigorously up and down, trapping as much air underneath the liner as you can – at the same time PULL, in doing so this will allow the membrane to move freely over the protective geotextile (hovercraft effect) – instead of being dragged across it which may cause the protective geotextile to move apart.

- FLP Greenseal Rubber has a slightly embossed or textured surface – we recommend the use of gloves during the installation to protect the knuckles.

- Try to remove as many creases / folds as possible during the installation process – the membrane SHOULD however be loose-laid and under not under stress.

- Place liner in anchor trench, DO NOT SECURE, just use a few small stones or sand bags to hold the liner in place – start to fill with water, the liner will automatically pull inwards if it needs to settle – once you are satisfied that the liner has assumed it’s final position – cover the anchor trench with soil.

- Refer to our Polyfelt Installation guidelines if you require a geotextile protective overlay or underlay.

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