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Pond & Lake Liner Material Selection

FLP Swedish Varnamo Butyl Rubber Manufactured by Varnamo Sweden some of the characteristics this material offers is exceptional elongation,non toxic to fish and plants,resists compressive loads and ground movement,reverts back to original form and not affected by UV light or age.

FLP Swedish Varnamo Greenseal Rubber This exceptional material looks and feels exactly the same as Butyl Rubber, has superior properties to Butyl and is cheaper. With Butyl Rubber you are paying for both the name and the expensive cost of natural rubber which is only a small percentage of the material composition in comparison to Swedish Varnamo Greenseal which is an EPDM (synthetic rubber),hence is able to be made made stronger and cheaper.

FLP Firestone Pond Liner An exceptional high performance 1.02mm EPDM rubber geomembrane engineered for both domestic and heavy duty commercial applications by the premier name in rubber technology Firestone Building Products

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