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Pond Liner & Lake Liners

Flexible Lining Products offer a range of pond liner and lake liners including Firestone 1.00mm EPDM Pondgard rubber, Butyl Rubber and Sealeco EPDM 0.75mm,0.85mm and 1.00mm Greenseal Rubber which are exceptionally high performance tried and tested products are the preferred material of choice by landscape architects,professional landscaper,home owner & civil engineers.

FLP offer Sealeco EPDM as tailored liners, box welded liners and water tank liners - also available in drinking water quality applications fabricated from Sealeco Butyl Rubber.

We also stock a range of accessories at our Cinderford store / warehouse including pipe seals, diy rubber repair kits,joining tapes and adhesives and Tencate Polyfelt TS50 & TS60 protective underlay, these premium quality thermobonded geotextile matting are an ideal solution instead of sand or carpet i.e. cannot use sand on steep slopes as would dry out and slide down to base of slope leaving the liner exposed.

Whether you are planning to build a wildlife pond, lake, reservoir or an ornamental water feature, FLP have earned the reputation in offering lining solutions to the very highest quality and material specification, sourced from some of the industry's leading manufacturers, including Sealeco,Sweden and Firestone Building Products ,USA .All materials carry a manufacturer warranty backed by our own FLP lifetime guarantee which equates to 25years under UK commercial law. Do not be misled by companies offering more as this merely is a "marketing" ploy.

FLP can provide an economical lining solutions for virtually any scheme, from small garden or wildlife ponds, ornamental lakes, water gardens, cascades, streams, irrigation ponds, tailored liners, box welds,habitat creation, golf courses, canals, storage lagoons, run-off reservoirs, boating lakes,swimming ponds... the list is endless. FLP are able to supply full technical details, diy installation instructions or either recommend a qualified installer of part /fully project manage any project ourselves