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Firestone Pond Liner

Firestone Pond Liner

Firestone Rubber PondGard™ pond liner is an exceptional high performance 1.02m EPDM rubber geomembrane engineered for both domestic and heavy duty commercial applications by the premier name in rubber technology and innovation, FIRESTONE BUILDING PRODUCTS

  • Applications: suitable for ponds, lakes, lagoons and swimming ponds of all sizes and shapes.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Due to its inert properties it has a very low environmental impact as it does not release any harmful plasticisers into the atmosphere. It is also produced in a factory which is accredited with ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System.
  • Highly Flexible: With this liner being able to remain flexible at -45°C it is able to be installed all year round. Furthermore, its flexibility means it can be used to line even the most intricate shapes
  • High Elongation: Firestone pond liner has the ability to elongate over 300%, resulting in the ability of the liner to adjust to the surface on which it is laid, even if the surface experiences movement over time.
  • Highly Durable: With its outstanding resistance to harmful UV radiation and other environmental conditions, the expected life of a Firestone pond liner is circa 40 years!
  • Human, Fish and Plant Friendly: This pond liner is specially formulated to ensure that it is safe for use by fish and plant life. It is certified non-toxic by the Water Research Centre, making it safe for both aquatic and human life.
  • Landscapers and other pond building professionals have long recognized PondGard Rubber Liners for their unmatched ease of installation and their ability to conform to the shelves needed for creating natural looking water falls and holding plant containers. Along with being the professionals' lining system of choice, homeowners have also come to value the aesthetic and practical benefits that PondGard liners bring to their outdoor living spaces.  

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