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Natural Swimming Ponds

Natural Swimming Ponds

Working with nature to make swimming beautiful.

Natural swimming ponds and natural swimming pools use the power of nature through aquatic plants and biological filtration to keep the water clear and clean.

Unlike conventional swimming pools Poolscape Ltd does not use chlorine, in any form, to sanitize the water, making it into an unsustainable habitat for any form of life (including human). It has long been recognised that chlorinated pools can cause skin and respiratory problems. Our water is healthy, clear, clean, full of life and like silk on the skin.

Because we are not constricted by chemical bio-hazard considerations that mean a chlorinated pool must be isolated from the planted environment, we can design natural swimming ponds and pools with a much freer-hand. From the free-form natural swimming pond made to look like a natural and beautiful enhancement to your garden to the modernistic rectilinear form, the possibilities are endless.

Biotop™ Natural Swimming Pond offers:

•Swimming in chemical free water.

•A beautiful landscaped year round amenity.

◦Swimming pool ◦Mirror pool

•Less maintenance.

•Fun and education for children and adults.

•An ecologically balanced haven for wildlife.

•A healthy, ionised micro-climate.

•A wonderful asset for entertaining in your garden.

Poolscape Limited uses the technical equipment and know-how of our partner, Biotop, an innovative and market-leading company based in Austria. Founder and CEO, Peter Petrich is a limnologist (an expert in freshwater bodies) with a profound understanding of the way that a balanced mixture of plants, aquatic wildlife and minerals can keep water crystal clear and healthy to swim in without the need for chemicals such as chlorine. Biotop systems and equipment are installed in thousands of natural pools worldwide. As a fully accredited partner, Poolscape has exclusive access to Biotop services including:

•Full water analysis essential to a successful outcome

•Patented equipment including: ◦Phostec Ultra for the removal of green algae ◦Animal friendly fine mesh skimmers ◦Fully ported submerged pump chambers ◦Soil based carbon aerators ◦Filter boxes for plant free pools

•Advice and planning •Continuous product development.

•Access to many in use natural swimming ponds and pools for viewing by prospective customers.

For a detailed explanation of how the Biotop™ Natural Swimming Pond works, visit the Biotop site at or contact Peter Miles 01432 830905 or 07974 390452

  1. David Pagan Butler  - Building Your Own Natural Swimming Pond

    David Pagan Butler - Building Your Own Natural Swimming Pond


    Natural Swimming Pools or Swimming Ponds work with nature to provide hygienic water for swimming. Plants and animals condition the water so there is no need for chlorine or other pesticides. These pools are good for people and wildlife. David built his first Natural Swimming Pool, not because he liked the challenge, but because it was the only way he could afford to have one.

    Visit David's website:

    Over the past five years, David Pagan Butler has built their my own pools and met experts on Natural Swimming Pools, he has re-thought the processes needed to create hygienic swimming water and has come up with a system completely geared to fellow DIY pond builders. He has tried to minimise resources, incorporating reclaimed materials and he has even made filters from reused household objects and domestic plumbing. In addition, his pools use a fraction of the electrical energy most Natural Swimming Pools require to maintain them. All of this is achieved without compromising healthy water. The water was recently tested and shown to be of drinking water quality. And of course, these pools have been designed to benefit wildlife - they are a nature reserve you can swim in! David hopes by showing you how he's done it, you will be inspired to start digging for yourself How to build a Natural Swimming Pool - with David Pagan Butler. A one day course designed to equip you with the knowledge to build your own pool. The day will take you through the whole process and will include practical demonstrations, presentations, tours of existing pools and hands-on sessions. We will meander through the following: Introduction to Natural Swimming Pools: what they are and how they work. Water for health and wildlife. Different building methods and why I chose the method I use. Siting your pool: considerations and options. Designing a pool: shape, depth. Key Tools. The dig: topsoil and subsoil. Building: foundations and walls. Selecting the liner and underliner. Retaining walls. Demonstrations of filters, pumps and plumbing. Planting. Maintenance, phases of water clearing, biological population changes. Your pool as a wildlife rich natural habitat. Pond dipping. And a compulsary swim - not really, but the option is there for the keen

    Contact David

    Telephone: 0780 741 8265 Email: Website: Learn More
  2. Aquatic Wall Planters

    Aquatic Wall Planters


    FLP Vertical Geotextile Planters

    FLP Geotextile Plant Planter Pockets are an ideal solution for vertical applications on

    - pond walls

    - tailored liner installations

    - gabion baskets

    - general landscaping applications

    Dimension: 60 x 121 cm

    Filling space: 17 x 40 cm per bag

    6 planter pockets per sack

    Material: 100% PP

    Weight : 200 g/m²

    Color: green

    Seam: flat with UV-resistant polyester yarn

    17cm flange from the top of the planter

    Pre-drilled holes x 6 on top of flange for securing purposes

    Learn More

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