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Liner Protective Underlay

Liner Protective Underlay

Flexible Lining Products Polyfelt TS60 protective pond underlay and overlay solutions for pond and lake liners

Weather you use a protective geotextile underlay, carpet , sand or a combination of any of these , you need to ensure that the protective layer is fit for purpose and as such will not fail in years to come - as there is nothing worse than having to empty an established pond due to a problem that could have been avoided

Some things to consider when shopping around selecting a protective underlay

  • Some retailers do not state the "actual"  gsm weight of the protective underlay they are selling, in some cases it is a cheap light-weight material not fit for purpose or indeed to protect an expensive liner. We do not recommend anything less than a 200gsm material on smaller ponds or tailored liner installations. On bigger or deep ponds or lakes we suggest a 260gsm material.
  • Have a look at the overall "delivered cost" of the materials. As the pond liner market is so competitve, huge profit margins are often made on the protective underlay which customers tend to overlook, as their main focus was on the actual liner cost.
  • All of FLP's pond liners are fully guaranteed, whether you purchase a protective underlay from us or not!  Any retailer stating that you have to purchase their underlay to obtain a liner warranty, is merely using that as a marketing ploy, to sell underlay.
  • If you intend using sand, remember that this material is not good on slopes as will "shift" over time leaving the liner exposed. If the substrate is very stoney, the sand will be absorbed into it over time. Sand offers no root protection.
  • If you intend using carpet, make sure you use large pieces and it must be either a blend or 100% synthetic, as a wool carpet will biodegrade over time.Aslo ensure there are no factory "hot cuts" that leave shap edges. Remember, due to the thick backing generally found in carpets, it does not mould itself to the substrate as well as a protective geotextile underlay.

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