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Use Terram for Drainage

For Drainage:.

You can use graded or single-size clean stone as fill material with TERRAM Builder. .

1.After you have dug your drainage trench; spread TERRAM Builder over it, and weight it down temporarily if necessary. .

2.Then gradually tip the first layer of fill onto the TERRAM Builder so that the fabric will line the trench. Do this carefully to avoid tearing the FLP Builder. .

3.Now fill the trench almost to the top with aggregate, and wrap the FLP Builder over it - without leaving a double thickness on top. If this is a ground-water drain, you can add topsoil to the level of the surrounds and seed with grass. If the drain has to cope with surface water as well as ground water cover the FLP Builder with at least 150 mm of pea gravel ? which should stay exposed, and will need occasional maintenance. .

4.TERRAM Builder will achieve maximum permeability only after several days in its wet environment. Some types of soil are particularly difficult to filter ? so do obtain specialist advice if you have doubts about your site. .

Important Note: The manner in which TERRAM Builder is installed, the aggregate used and the ground conditions involved can all affect the performance of TERRAM Builder and the success of your particular project. .

If you are not experienced in carrying out the projects of the type listed in this information, you should seek advice from someone appropriately qualified. This information is a general guide only and therefore cannot cover all aspects involved.

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