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Use Terram Gravelsure Erocell

Terram GravelSure Erocell for steep slopes, river banks, ditches, spillways and other exposed areas are often prone to damage caused by erosion due to wind or water.

Terram Gravelsure Erocell can help to prevent erosion by confining soils and aggregates to within the cell structure. Varying degrees of protection can be afforded by selecting alternative in-fill materials..

Seeded topsoil provides protection for less exposed areas..

Protection may be increased by introducing vegetation such as small shrubs.For greater protection, a granular in-fill can be used in certain circumstances. .

Appropiate in-fills can also be chosen to give a desired surface appearance..

The standard FLP Cellular System for erosion protection, FLP Erocell, is normally suitable for use on slopes with an incline of up to 45 degrees (1:1 slopes). .

If the slope angle is greater than 45 degrees, additional considerations need to be given to the design of the cellular system and the standard FLP EROCELL may not be suitable. In these instances please contact us for further assessment

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