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Use Terram For Separation


Selecting the aggregate

It can compise crushed stone chippings,pebbles,gravel etc - containing a mix of angular large to small materials which can be well compacted to provide a stable surface.The maximum stone size should not exceed a third of the compacted depth thus avoiding point loading onto the Terram.Don't forget the single-size rounded stone will not compact,but move around under traffic and be displaced.

Depth of aggregate and sandYou will need about 15 to 23cm (6-9") of compacted aggregate to support a surface for light vehicles:while for pedestrian use,a compacted aggregate depth of 10 to 15cm (4-6") should be enough.

Depth of sand bedding layer under paved areas should be about 4-5cm (1.5-2")

How to prepare the ground.

First,clear the area of any large stones or other objects which would damage the Terram during installation.

Level the area by removing any undulations and fill any ruts.

Grass can be left undisturbed but treat any persistent weeds such as thistles and dockswith a strong,lasting weed killer,such as sodium chlorate.

Laying the TerramKeep your Terram material wrapped against exposure to sunlight until you use it:then lay the Terram directly on top of the levelled ground,weighting the edges if it's windy.

Cutting and joiningYou can easily cut Terram to shape with either a sharp knife or a pair of scissors.And you can span any required area just by overlapping Terram by 30cm (12")

Putting down the aggregateTerram is very strong,and will not be damaged by laying and compacting the aggregate provided you go about it sensibly.Dump the aggregate and push it forward onto the Terram to the required depth allowing for compaction.

Try to avoid running machinery over the Terram until it is coveredwith the required depth of material.Do not traffic the area until the stone has been adequately compacted.

Compacting the aggregateCompaction should be thorough enough to provide a solid,stable surface.Equipment selection will be dependent on the area being treated and the depth of the aggregate being laid.

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