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Toptex Compost Cover

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Controlled humus building through composting of organic waste.

Composting is the conversion of organic waste into high quality humus. Through systematic controls these materials can be returned to the earth, completing the cycle of nature and improving the soil to which it is applied.

To achieve this goal, strict guidelines and controls must be followed. This includes the proper selection of the feedstock, regular turning of the piles for aeration and proper guidance of the decomposition process.

Therefore, several parameters such as temperature, oxygen level, CO² levels, Ph value, sulphide, nitrite and ammonium must be continuously monitored and if necessary adjusted.

Due to it’s physical characteristics, Toptex Compost Protection Fleece is an important tool for optimal composting !


Toptex Compost Protection Fleece covers are an important tool for optimal composting for the perfect composition of valuable compost.

Toptex maintains optimal moisture conditions. Toptex compost covers divert rainfall away from the surface and protects from drying by sun and wind.

Toptex ensures proper aerobic decomposition. Toptex compost covers allows necessary gas exchange and ensures more optimal temperatures throughout the outer layers of the piles.

Toptex minimizes leachate and nutrient losses. Toptex compost covers diverts rainfall away from the windrows and therefore minimizes the incidence of leachate

Toptex reduces odour emission. Toptex compost covers support optimum an-aerobe decomposition process,thereby reducing odour emission to a minimum. 


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  • Compost Cover | Toptex Compost Fleece | Toptex

Over a decade of experience in applications worldwide

Toptex compost protection covers has proven itself in compost sites around the world and belongs to today's standards of modern composting technology. Many windrow turners are now serially equipped with fleece / cover rolling devices

Using Toptex for covering manure compost

Many experience users i.e. professional landscapers / compost suppliers use Toptex Compost Protection Fleece for covering their most valuable product :the mature compost ! This is both an economic solution and easy to handle.The fleece allows the exchange of gasses, protects against moisture, keeps the compost dry and in a crumble structure. It also protects efficiently against the growth of all kinds of weeds.This method allows an effective and economic open air storage of mature compost.

Using Toptex for the storage of raw manure

Use Toptex compost protection fleece for the storage or raw manure as well. Scientific studies show that nutrient losses can be reduced significantly with Toptex Compost Protection Fleece. Government guidelines and best management practices recommend the covering of stacked manure which is stored outside.

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