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Turfprotecta 2.0m x 30.0m Heavy Duty 660gsm GREEN

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Terram Turfprotecta® turf reinforcement mesh for grass reinforcement. Overflow grass car parks, parking on front lawn.

Colour : GREEN
Heavy Duty Grade 660gsm
Roll Size : 2m x 30m
Mesh Aperture: 22mm x 27mm
Terram Turfprotecta Grass Reinforcement

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  • Terram Turfprotecta Grass Reinforcement

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View File Terram TurfProtecta Product Data Sheet

Terram TurfProtecta Product Data Sheet

View File Terram TurfProtecta Installation Guidelines

Terram TurfProtecta Grass Reinforcement Installation Guidelines

TERRAM® TURFPROTECTA turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic mesh for the protection and reinforcement of grass and turf. The turf reinforcement mesh stabilises the grass and enables the grass to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments creating a strong stable reinforced grassed surface. The grass protection mesh is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use, overflow car parks, and airport taxi-ways.

When installing turf reinforcement mesh, it is essential that the plastic reinforcing mesh should be laid down to give enough time for the grass roots to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments (E.g. early spring). This usually takes approximately one growing season. The protected area will soon resume its natural appearance with the turf reinforcement mesh disappearing below the surface of the grass providing a stable surface that will withstand the weight of vehicles and heavy pedestrian use. The grass reinforcement mesh is available in black & green in a standard grade, and black in a heavy duty grade. TURFPROTECTA black and green are manufactured from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

TURFPROTECTA Turf reinforcement mesh is ideal for :
◾Overflow car-parks
◾Pedestrian grassed areas
◾Small aircraft taxi-ways

Installation Procedure:

TURFPROTECTA Turf Reinforcement mesh is a strong extruded high- density polyethylene mesh. Supplied in 2m wide x 30m long rolls, it can provide excellent turf reinforcement if used and fixed as directed.

Once fixed in place grass will grow through the mesh and may then be mown, rolled and fertilised as usual. When fully established (normally a full growing season will be required) the plastic mesh will be invisible and the turf will have a normal appearance. The intertwining of the grass roots with the mesh gives the turf the strength to resist light traffic and temporary car parking.

It is strongly recommended that installation be carried out during the growing season to allow a strong interlock between the mesh and the grass roots. The product is only effective if the grass is allowed enough time to grow and interlock with the mesh. A full growing season should be allowed before using the area.

Installation on Existing Grassed areas

1. Fill any depressions with a 70:30 mixture of sharp sand and topsoil, level and firm. Cut grass short.
2. Unroll the Turf reinforcement mesh and fix one end using our metal U-Pins. Pull taut, and pin approx. every 500mm either side of the mesh ensuring mesh lies flat to surface.
3. Lay adjacent turf reinforcement net rolls next to the fixed mesh rolls and overlap at least 150mm and repeat the fixing process.
4. Secure overlaps and all external edges every 500mm.
5. When you are satisfied that the mesh is laid flat and securely, brush a dressing of good quality sandy topsoil over the mesh. Ensure that the mesh filaments are covered and the apertures are filled. This will help promote root growth around the mesh.
6. Any areas that have been levelled with sandy topsoil should be seeded.
7. Pedestrians and traffic should be kept off the treated areas until the grass has become fully established over the mesh. This usually takes at least one growing season.
8. Initial mowing can be done, but set mowers to cut fairly high, so that contact with the mesh is not made. When the grass is established and the roots are entwined with the mesh, the grass can be cut normally.

Newly Sown Areas

1. Ensure that the surface is level, filling any uneven areas with a mixture of sharp sand and topsoil. Remove any debris / stones or rocks.
2. Thoroughly prepare the surface and firm.
3. Continue with Points 2-8 as above

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SKU 150WW4302
g/sm 660
Size No
Width 2.00m
Color Black
Price Per No
Tailored Box Size No

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