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Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Pond Liners, Terram Landscape Materials and Boddingtons Products ,Green Roof Materials and Classicbond EPDM Roof Membranes

Flexible Lining Products,distributors of Sealeco EPDM, Greenseal Rubber and Firestone Pond Liner pond liner and lake liner, Polyfelt pond liner protective underlay matting and tailored box welded liners. Our agricultural & landscaping products include Tencate Toptex, Terram Landscape Fabrics for weed control, erosion control and driveway, patio and pathway applications including Terram and Boddingtons Bodpave porous grass or gravel pavers, GrassProtecta,Turfprotecta grass reinforcement grids.Our Flexible Roofing Products range include Nophadrain Green Roof materials and EPDM Rubber Roofing membranes including Classicbond EPDM and Firestone Rubber Cover.

New Products

  • Bodpave 40 Grass Paver / Paving Grid 500mm x 500mm x 40mm BLACK

    Bodpave 40 Grass Paver / Paving Grid 500mm x 500mm x 40mm BLACK

    Terram Bodpave® 40 black porous pavers for grass or gravel. Grass pavers for reinforcement of overflow car parks. Permeable pavers can be filled with gravel for car parks and driveways when gravel retention is required as well as a stabilised free draining surface. ◾Load bearing capability - 150 tonnes per m² ◾Resists deformation and fracture ◾Ideal for emergency vehicle access routes, car parks, cycles routes,golf buggy paths, wheelchair access and light aircraft parking ◾Manufactured from recycled polyethylene, UV stabilised ◾Available in black or green ◾Paver Size : 500 x 500 x 40mm CALL US DIRECT TO ORDER 01594 829297 1sqm (4 grids) @ £11.00sqm                        5sqm (20 grids) @ £11.00sqm 10sqm (40 grids) @ £11.00sqm                   15sqm (60 grids) @ £11.00sqm 20sqm (80 grids) @ £9.50sqm                     25sqm (100 grids) @£9.50sqm 30sqm (120 grids) @ £9.50sqm                   35sqm (140grids) @ £9.50sqm 40sqm (160 grids) @ £9.50sqm                   45sqm (180 grids) @ £9.50sqm 50sqm (200 grids) @ £9.00sqm                   55sqm (220 grids) @ £9.00sqm 60sqm (240 grids) @ £9.00sqm                   100sqm (400grids) @ £9.00sqm   Type: BODPAVE 40 Porous Paver 500mm x 500mm x 40mm deep Unit Qty: Supplied as 4 pack of grids (1sqm = 4.8kgs) Delivery: POA - Subject to quantity ordered vs delivery location Prices reflected excludes VAT  
  • Terram Bodpave 85 Grass Paver / Gravel Paver

    BODPAVE® 85 Grass Pavers / Paving Grid - 500mm x 500mm x 50mm NATURAL

    Terram Bodpave® 85 NATURAL is a new plastic porous paving grid system for grass or gravel. Grass pavers for reinforcement of overflow car parks and paths. Permeable pavers can be filled with gravel for gravel car parks and driveways. Colour : Green APPLICATIONS... ◾Car Parks / Coach Parks (Grass or Gravel) ◾Overspill / overflow grass car parks ◾Emergency Service (Fire Access routes) ◾HGV service access routes ◾Aircraft taxiways & helipads ◾Walkways and disabled access routes (DDA) ◾Golf buggy paths ◾Driveways and residential lawn parking ◾SUDS source control Type: BODPAVE 85 Porous Paver 500mm x 500mm x 50mm deep Unit Qty: Supplied as 4 pack of grids (1sqm = 6.24kgs) Delivery: POA - Subject to quantity ordered vs delivery location
  • Terram Turfprotecta Grass Reinforcement

    Turfprotecta 2.0m x 30.0m Heavy Duty 660gsm BLACK

    Terram Turfprotecta® turf reinforcement mesh for grass reinforcement. Overflow grass car parks, parking on front lawn. Colour : BLACK Heavy Duty Grade 660gsm Roll Size : 2mx30m Mesh Aperture: 22mm x 27mm
  • Terram Grass Reinforcement Mesh Grass Protecta

    Terram GrassProtecta 11mm 2.0m x 20.0m STANDARD GREEN

    TERRAM® GRASSPROTECTA slip resistant grass reinforcement mesh is an improved heavy duty thick polyethylene grid for reinforcing and protecting grassed surfaces prone to wear, rutting and smearing which can result in a muddy surfaces incapable of withstanding vehicular or pedestrian applications. GRASSPROTECTA has been has been developed with an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard straight oriented meshes. GRASSPROTECTA slip resistant is a cost effective solution for : ◾Grass car parks ◾Overflow grass car parks ◾Pedestrian paths ◾Disabled (DDA) access routes ◾Light aircraft taxiways ◾Equestrian surfaces ◾Grass verges ◾Caravan park access andcaravan bays ◾Front lawn parking ◾SuDS Source Control ◾Wheelchair paths
  • Green Roof Fertiliser

    Green Roof Fertiliser

    Nophadrain ND Green Roof Fertilizer 4M An organic-mineral NPK long-term fertilizer (4 months) with Magnesium Oxide, especially composed for green roofs. Technical specifications • Material: Nitrogen 20% N, Phosphate 5% P, Potassium 8% K, Magnesium Oxide 2% MgO • Weight: 1 kg (at time of bottling) • Storage: cool and dry • Dosage: 35 grams/m2 • Application: divide equally and watering
  • Green Roof Growing Medium Panel

    Green Roof Growing Medium Substrate Panel 120cm x 60cm x 5cm x 6 Panels = 4.32sqm

    Water absorbing mineral wool panels as a substrate substitute in accordance with the FLL* Directive. The panels replace the substrate as growing medium in the Nophadrain Lightweight Green Roof System. By using these panels in combination with vegetation mats, the weight of the build-up for an extensive green roof can be reduced to approx. 50kg/m2 Panel Size: 120cm x 60cm x 5cm deep Pack Qty: 6 panels Coverage: 4.32sqm Application Extensive Green Roof System – multi-layer lightweight build-up Extensive Green Roof System – pitched roofs Extensive Green Roof System – steep roofs Technical specifications Material: hydrophilic mineral wool Density: approx. 80kg/m3 Water retention capacity: approx. 30l/m2 = 80Vol.% Air volume: approx. 16% pH-value: approx. 7-8 Weight: approx. 4kg/m2, saturated approx. 34kg/m2
  • Aquatic Wall Planters

    Aquatic Wall Planters

    FLP Vertical Geotextile Planters FLP Geotextile Plant Planter Pockets are an ideal solution for vertical applications on - pond walls - tailored liner installations - gabion baskets - general landscaping applications Dimension: 60 x 121 cm Filling space: 17 x 40 cm per bag 6 planter pockets per sack Material: 100% PP Weight : 200 g/m² Color: green Seam: flat with UV-resistant polyester yarn 17cm flange from the top of the planter Pre-drilled holes x 6 on top of flange for securing purposes
  • Natural Swimming Pool Sandbag / Aquatic Zone Sandbag (Large)

    Natural Swimming Pool Sandbag / Aquatic Zone Sandbag (Large)

    FLP's Natural Swimming Pond Sandbags are easy to handle for quick and inexpensive laying and can be used in a variety of applications including - swimming ponds - separate swimming area from the regeneration / aquatic zone - swimming pond walls / pond wall creation / header wall creation - garden landscaping / embankment stabilisation - sand bunkers / water hazards - golf course - water course / flood diversion - to separate swimming and regeneration zones - as green cover of ground - pond / lake island wall creation Material: 100% Polypropylene non-woven uv stable Colour: Green (uv stable) Weight: 200g/m² non woven Overall size: 121cm x 60cm Filling space: 80cm x 40cm
  • Greenseal EPDM Water Tank & Irrigation Tank Liners

    Greenseal EPDM Water Tank & Irrigation Tank Liners

    Flexible Lining Products offer a range of tank lining materials including our standard Greenseal EPDM rubber liners and also a reinforced scrim (collar) which includes steel eyelets to the top circumference of the tank liner to co-inside with the bolt pitch of individual tank manufacturers tank panels. This vastly improved the installation and security of the hanging liner - the tank lining industry’s standard method of circular tank liner installation. Flexible Lining Products also offer a full one piece stitched geotextile matting bag to protect the rubber tank liner from extreme heat and cold temperatures radiated through the tank panel sheets and to protect the liner during tank installation and to cushion the liner from floating ice damage. We are able to offer liners for the following types of tanks: • Aluminum / Galvanized cylindrical bolted panel irrigation / sprinkler and potable water storage tanks. • Elevated rectangular sectional GRP/pressed steel tanks. • Shaped concrete above and below ground basement tanks. • WRC approved drinking water tanks.
  • FLP Green Roof Sedum Mat

    Green Roof Sedum Mat

    FLP Sedum Mat (delivered as 1.0m x 1.0m pre-established mats) FLP sedum blankets are pre-established sedum mats grown locally in the Gloucestershire countryside, we use custom built machinery together with advanced irrigation and fertilisation systems to grow the best quality sedum mat possible. We only sell our own grown products and do not buy in so product quality is guaranteed. Unlike other growers, we have 15 different varieties in our blankets although weather dependent / growing season some are more prominent. Our specialist sedum blanket variety mix consists of the majority or all of the varieties listed below Sedum Acre Sedum Aizoon Sedum Album Sedum Ellacombianum Sedum Floriferum Sedum Hispanicum Sedum Hybridum Czar's Gold Sedum Montanum Sedum Oktoberfest Sedum Oreganum Sedum Pulchellum Sedum Sexangulare Sedum Rupestre Sedum Spurium Sedum Telephium Fabaria Sedum Stoloniferum Please contact us for a delivered price quotation to your postcode.
  • Flat Roof Top Drain

    Flat Roof Top Drain

    Flat Roof Top Drain - 75mm Dia x 250mm Top Drain is one of the best ways of connecting to an outlet drain. Its dimensions conform to UNI EN 1451-1 and it fits to bell and spigot jointed pipes without the use of adhesive. Top Drain is particularly suited for use in low sloping roofs, roof gardens, inverted roofs and box gutters. Fixing and fastening to the waterproofing material is by a threaded ring which allows for a fast, simple and watertight finish. Technical Characteristics •Circular flange O333mm with fastening holes. •Seal ring •165mm countersunk top and stem Ø75mm for a total height of 250mm. •Protective cover with a central pin as a cutting guide. •Threaded ring with 3 locating holes for leaf grate Drainage Capacity 75mm-300 It/min Colour: Black Qty in Pack: 1 Ideal for both the professional builder and the homeowner,
  • Surefix Drainage Outlet

    Sure Fix Roof Drain

    Sure Fix is one of the best means of connecting a roof system to an outlet drain and is particularly indicated for use on flat roof applications for either commercial or residential buildings. The fastening and the seal between the roof system is achieved mechanically and thanks to its versatility the drain unit can be used with all types of waterproofing materials. The unit and its accessories have been studied in the minutest detail thus giving a product which far surpasses the characteristics of other normal products currently available.

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Green Roof Fertiliser

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